Enjoy a

Falconry Experience

 with a Bird of Prey!

Nature trail walks with guidance and a natural history lesson. With an added thrill in which the hawks (or owls) are flown free to your outstretched glove!!

(One to two hours). 

Groups (up to 6) can experience outdoor life in a very REAL setting along with trained hawks for a very memorable outing.  Even young and hard-to-reach children come away from these adventures with memories and an added sense of the natural world. 

Reservations and pre-payment are required.  

Signed liability waiver required.    Locations may vary. 

Half, or full day Workshops or a choice of Two day  or  Three day Courses  
For those who wish to investigate falconry more seriously, we offer half day or full day falconry workshops and a choice of two or three day International Falconry Academy courses as an introduction to the art and science of falconry.   Instruction is provided so an interested person can get involved and start to gain basic experience with the goal of becoming an apprentice and eventually a  general class falconer.  These workshops and courses cover history, laws & regulations, equipment, ethics, the birds themselves, the time & effort required and real-world commitment needed to enter into this very special vocation.  This is a good introduction into understanding not only the birds and their care but also the genuine reality behind falconry in the modern world.  For those who wish to go further,  this is ample background information to allow the sincere potential apprentice the resources to contact a sponsor and begin the journey. 

Courses are available as one-on-one meetings or group lectures. 

Reservations and pre payment are required.  Signed liability waiver required.  Locations may vary.   

 A Lifetime of Memories

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North Florida. It’s beautiful, peaceful. Everything you need to immerse yourself, step back and re-connect.  The International Falconry Academy has partnered with Bienville Plantation for our Hawk Walks, Owl Prowls, Falconry Experiences and Intensive two or three day Introduction to Falconry courses.  


This is your chance to experience the prey-predator relationship and work with nature's most spectacular hunters, for an hour, a day or up to three days as the of life as a falconer.  Learn more about the Falconry Experience



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